Peacock Teapot




For my wedding I wanted to collect people’s wedding advice on index cards, however, being late and not having enough help to set up, it did not happen… So thankfully since my first name is Maryanne and my husband’s first name is Derrick, we can save the monogrammed index cards for our baby shower to collect advice for “mom” and “dad” from our guests, and we’ll probably use the teapot to collect them in, so nothing is ever wasted.

I bought an antique-looking, vintage teapot made out of wire that you could put things in (such as the index cards) from a very nice vendor on Etsy and decided to glam it up a bit, since originally I was thinking Alice and Wonderland theme, however, since the peacock motif was so popular, I wanted to incorporate that as well, so it eventually came out as an eclectic theme, of love birds.  I added faux flowers and two mini peacocks and ribbon.

 As for the monogrammed index cards, my daughter helped by using a stencil on each one after folding it in half and coloring in an “M” or “D” on each in our wedding colors, which happened to be our birthstones of sapphire & ruby.


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