Dreadlock Spirals

Polymer clay is easy to use, cook and is flexible enough to create these wonderful dreadlock spirals and beads.  You can use your imagination to create any effects you’d like, flowers, polka-dots, or symbolism that is meaningful to you, to give your dreadlocks some pizzazz.   Colors can be fused together, and polymer clay glitter can even be added for sparkle.  Have fun with it! 

To create the beads, I simply rolled balls and used a straw or pencil to add the hole.  You can cook it with the straw inside to solidify the opening, as my straw did not melt against the clay or mesh with it, and was easy to remove, even though it partially melted away.  I heated my oven to 275 degrees and kept it in for 12 to17 minutes, using a disposable small pan.

The easiest way to get the spiral dreadlock bead on your dreadlock is to twirl your hair around the spiral, and reverse when ready to take it off.

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