Bride Lego Cake Topper


I originally found this idea on Etsy, but couldn’t fathom paying $50 to $100 for it, so I said, “Hey, I’m crafty! I can make it myself!”  So to commemorate all the family visits to Lego Land, I decided to go to and I bought each individual piece separately and found some extra accents -like the wine goblet to add in.  She looks a bit like a quarterback, but this masterpiece will definitely keep them talking.  We got a lot of kudos on our cake toppers at our wedding!  Everyone loved them.  Oh, and I paid more in shipping than the cost of the legos, it was definitely under $15  for everything (including shipping)… Picture me paying $100..ha ha…  It didn’t take long to construct once I had a plan, and I just super glued the pieces to solidify them with clear drying glue.

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