Cloth Doll: Energy

Cloth Dolls: Energy

I came across a book entitled Making Creative Cloth Dolls by Marthe Le Van, and this doll model was entitled “Energy” and sewn piece by piece, with beads added in for joints.  Sewing has never been my strong point, but being that the sewing job is imperfect, it gives the doll character and a folk art feel.  I bought the fabric from Jo Ann’s Fabric Store, and used some beads I had on deck at home.  It was a pretty time consuming project, and took maybe an hour to an hour and a half, since it was my first time creating a cloth doll.  But I like the look of it and plan to make more.  You only need cotton, thread, fabric and beads for this project, and just maybe, I’ll cheat next time and try fabric glue to speed up the process…

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