Starlight Starbright

Starlight Starbright

Who says the star has to be at the top of the tree?

What inspired this creation?

Christmas time inspired this creation, and the fact we had no ornaments for our tree, so we had to make some quickly.

Materials Used?

Silver glitter glue, hot glue gun, rainbow colored popsickle sticks (we did not paint them, we bought them like that from the Dollar Store), and googly eyes.

How’d you do it?

After lining up the popsickle sticks horizontally, I put hot glue from the glue gun on a popsickle stick and turned it vertically and adhered it on the right and left and back and front of each side.  Then I added the silver glitter glue star component, by freehanding a star, and then we added the eyes, and let the glitter glue dry.


I added this ornament to my Christmas tree, however, you can add it to draping garland as well for extra decoration.  They make great and memorable gifts that the receiver will remember you by year after year when they hang it on their tree.




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