Balcony Garden




What inspired this creation?


I never had much of a green thumb…maybe because I never tried… But since my Grandpa was a gardener, I proved to myself that maybe it can run in the family…by osmosis…  Since my mom was coming down for my wedding with my dad, and loves her garden, I wanted to create an outdoor sanctuary for her….even though we have a small balcony…   Never the less she liked it, and no plants have died on me yet thus far…


Materials Used?

Plants were purchased from Wal-Mart’s Garden Center on various occasions.  Plant containers, knick-knacks and other materials were purchased from the Dollar Tree, and I also utilized and recycled old cans and jars that would have otherwise ended up in the trash for planting.

How’d you do it?

Plants are pretty easy to maintain, they just need sunlight and water.  I purchased relatively small plants that I could repot into bigger pots over time gradually, since balcony gardens are small.  Living on the third floor helps yield much sunlight. Positive Energy and talking to your plants is helpful as well.


Plants surprisingly helped me to become more nurturing and it relieved my stress to tend to beautiful, living organisms that we often take for granted, but are very necessary for our existence.  You’d be surprised, but plants not only add serenity and beautify a space, but anything you come to take care of, -you begin to love, and it’s actually life and nurturing that caring for plants gives you, not just the other way around.

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