Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings

What inspired this creation?
Christmas Crafts

Materials Used?
Felt, Thread, Fringe, Candy Canes (Optional), glue gun, glitter glue…

How’d you do it?
Create a pattern or free hand and cut out some stocking shapes out of felt; thread your needle and sew in and out, or around and in and out, along the edges, leaving the top open. These happen to be mini Christmas stockings, of which you can put candy canes in if you’d like. If you aren’t into sewing, you can always use a glue gun. It may be easier to sew the fringe around the top edges first, but it is solely up to you, you may want to glue gun it. I did it last. Have fun!
My daughter used glitter glue to add sparkle and pizazz. The choice is yours.

To add a little more Christmas spirit to the season…

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