Floral Pen Bouquets











What do we always need and never have enough of, or available when we want it, because someone borrows it and runs off with it? Never let this happen to you again. Add a flower on that pen with some fancy green ribbon and they won’t walk off with your pen ever again, too big and bulky or noticeable I suppose. For this project, grab a vase or flower pot, rocks, moss, dirt, whatever kind of planter you’d like to put your flower pens in. Select flowers that you adore. Get your glue gun and plenty of glue replacements, and green ribbon. You can add scented oil for essence or even glitter or glitter glue to the middle of your flower for extra panache. First cut the flower with a little stem left on it and glue the flower to the top and the stem to the side of the pen. Next, from the top down, wrap the ribbon around the pen using the hot glue gun every step of the way, holding and wrapping the ribbon firmly until you reach the end of which you simply clip and glue the end.

An easy project for the most part. I purchased all my products at the dollar store, aside from the glue gun… you can add wire butterflies to your bouquet as well for a special effect. This is great for your office desk and functional, as you will always need a pen, whether at home or at work. It adds a splash of color as well.

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