What to do with your left over Grilled Chicken







With the summer coming and Memorial Day passing and July 4th on the horizon, who isn’t going to have left over grilled chicken from Bar-B-Ques? And on top of that, get sick of eating it in the same fashion. Turn your grilled chicken breasts into a sandwich, not just any sandwich, with the typical tomato slice, lettuce and mayonnaise, but a sandwich that is poppin’ with flavor. I present to you: the chopped BBQ chicken sandwich.

To create this delicious recycled dish, simply cut up your grilled chicken breast into bite size pieces. Next place it in a pot and add your favorite BBQ sauce complete with the seasonings you like. I used honey BBQ sauce with cayenne pepper, BBQ spice, garlic powder and minced onions. Next, use a hamburger bun, halved bread roll or even 2 slices of sandwich bread and add your favorite condiments. I used horse radish sauce and sweet pickle relish. Next scoop out the BBQ immersed chopped chicken onto the bread, and wah-lah, enjoy with baked beans, chips, potato salad or whatever floats your fancy! Enjoy.

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