Wedding LEGO Cake Topper












For a cake topper for my wedding cake, I wanted something memorable that would get people talking, so I surfed Etsy and was inspired by a lego bride and groom set I came across.  Of course it was out of my budget, so what did I do?  I went online to the Lego store and checked the Legos that could be ordered and figured out what I’d need to build a bride and groom.  On the lego site you are able to order lego pieces individually, as many as you’d like, so that’s what I did after figuring out how I’d put things together.  It came out to less than $20 with shipping and handling costs added (actually if I remember correctly, the S&H was more than the lego parts).  It took maybe one or two weeks to receive the order and I even found some pieces that were awesome, like the laptop Lego part since my husband is a web designer and of course he loves chicken, so the chicken leg was a find.  Of course for the bride a wine goblet and flowers were befitting.  The bride came out looking like a quarter back, but a bride none the less.  I used super glue to seal the deal between the lego pieces for extra security, and Wah-la, a lego bride and groom cake topper, to commemorate our frequent travels with the kids to Legoland!

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