Quick Halloween Spread

We didn’t do anything fancy this year on Halloween, so I made a quick somewhat quick and festive spread, complete with graveyard layered nacho dip, with unmarked tombstones (tortilla chips), taco seasoned ground turkey, refried beans, (dirt & earth) shredded lettuce, (grass), sweet kernels of corn, (daisies), diced tomatoes and chopped purple onions, (perhaps blood and guts), and creamy piles of guacamole (slime and goo).  We had coffin burritos complete with a face (guacamole eyes and diced tomato mouth) and blood and entrails spread over top (a.k.a. salsa).  We had zombie smiles –complete with decayed green lips (green granny smith apple slices) and rotting teeth (diced almonds). 

I sliced strawberries and dipped them in white creamy frosting and sprinkled orange sugar on top for a sweet treat, comparable to miniature pumpkins or organs, -you be the judge.  Of course I cheated and bought some festive Halloween cupcakes from Food for Less and added some dollar store accessories:  the cup cake stand, cupcake kitty toothpicks and paper cupcake/muffin holders.  We even bought a purple skeleton ice cube maker from the dollar store for skull ice.  And a Halloween spread just wouldn’t be complete without “Devilled” eggs…  I added extra paprika…











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