Gnome Laundry

076 075 068 069 070 071 072 074 067I’m a sucker for all things imaginary, from unicorns to gnomes, so I figured why not start early on a gnome garden, and what gnome garden would be complete without evidence of a gnome living in one’s garden, so I therefore created what no gnome or human can live without, (in some places) and that is clothes.  I used old jean scraps to create jean pants and felt to create panties, bras, boxers, socks and gnome hats.  I crocheted some white yarn into the string to hang up the laundry and sculpted blue wire into hangers. 

I also created a deck from popsickle sticks which I purchased from the Dollar Store and a picnic table too.  I sculpted some shoes and a sun hat as well as Star Bucks coffee and devilled eggs and some bread and veggies out of polymer clay, because what gnome doesn’t get hungry after laundry? 


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