Star Wars Christmas – Ewoks

096 EwoksWhat Star Wars Christmas would be complete without Ewoks?  This is probably the most hobo craft I have ever made, but it kind of works out, and it can work out for you.  I was canvassing the Dollar Store and came across these cute little teddy bears in different shades, so naturally, I couldn’t resist.  I didn’t know quite how I was going to make them into Ewoks until I came down the sock aisle and saw some brown socks and put it all together in my mind: 2 ewoks and 1 pair of brown socks.  The cheesy part is the fact I used a wooden shish-ka-bob skewer to be their walking/magic stick, but it works right?    I don’t think it can get any simpler than that. 

Cut the foot part of the sock half way down and then fold it in half and cut half a circle so the teddy bear’s face can show, and by golly you have a bootleg Ewok if I ever saw one! :O)            I added them to the Christmas tree of course since they live in the woods -children of nature.

One of the best Christmas presents I got as a kid came from my big bro, and we are children of the 80’s so we grew up with Star Wars; he got me the baby Ewok: Nippit, the cutest little guy you ever did see!!!  Thanks again bro!

Ewoks put the Merry on Christmas!!!



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