Star Wars Christmas Stockings

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What would the holidays be without Star Wars?  I couldn’t resist doing something NEW this Christmas, and there just wasn’t a better theme than Star Wars Christmas with all the Star Wars Christmas resources available, from lights to tree toppers to stockings, etc.  But of course being a cheapskate and creative, I had to make my own.  The truth is, I wanted to avoid the spiders and the time it would take to go through the couple hundred boxes we have in the garage (okay I’m exaggerating, 99 boxes) to dig out the Christmas decor.  Honestly, I was lucky I found the tree, all else I had to purchase or create.

I will post pictures of the tree as soon as we get a tree topper, and I’ll take one in the day and at night when the lights are aglow.  To create these Star Wars themed stockings, I bought five stockings, red and green, from the Dollar Store.  I wasn’t exactly sure how or what I was going to construct so I did some research on Google Images and adlibbed.  I used a black Sharpee marker to sketch out the designs of Darth Vader, a Storm Trooper, Yoda, R2D2 and Jabba the Hut & Salcious B. Crumb, which are all some of my favorite characters (guess I have more of a dark side).

Next, to make some of these stockings pop, especially since Green is such a dark color, I had to add some sparkle to make it girly a little, so I used some glitter glue paint in various colors, some I purchased from the dollar store, others, I purchased from Michaels.  To top it off, i went through some of my felt scraps and some pom-poms I had on hand to create elf or Santa hats, just to give it that extra holiday ambiance.

These aren’t the best pictures I know, I apologize, I’m a horrible photographer, and will be the first to admit, it looks cooler in person.  For the Darth Vader stocking I wrote “Santa, I can explain!”  Just in case you can’t make it out.  These are pretty easy and fun to make, even if you aren’t an artist, if you can sketch a little or copy, you will do fine.

Let me know what you think and who your favorite Star Wars character is and why.  Thanks for stopping by!!!  :O)

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