FEATURED ARTIST: Marquita Cofield-Parks


My name is Marquita Cofield-Parks and I’m a Virgo from Suitland, Maryland. I create unique handmade jewelry and accessories.  I love jewelry and fashion, but everyone seems to want to look the same, while I strive to be different. I decided instead of shopping at retail stores, where thousands of people could purchase and create the same looks as me, why not make my own jewelry that no one else would have. Even better, why don’t I start a business creating unique one-of-a-kind jewelry, so that others can also be different! My husband surprised me with a jewelry making kit that Valentine’s Day, which really pushed me to pursue my dream.

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I find jewelry making to be a stress reliever and very fulfilling. Nothing feels better than creating something beautiful, that you can be proud of! You can check out my work on Etsy and on Instagram @uniquedifferenz:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/UniqueDifferenz

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My advice to other crafters is to never give up…keep doing what you love! Others may not share your vision but out there is someone who is waiting to discover your creations! I’ve always been a creative person whose interests range from creative writing, poetry, drawing/painting, cooking/baking, interior design, fashion design, and now jewelry making. I’ve always been drawn to Afrocentric and eclectic styles.  I soon plan to expand my Etsy store with handmade clothing and artwork.

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