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Hi, I’m Pasha and I reside in Atlanta, GA. I’m a graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta majoring in Interior Design but I love all things creative. I have been an artist from the start, my mother sews and I spent hours drawing at her feet. I’m originally from Erie, PA where I spent most of my childhood at a place called MLK Jr. Culture House. There I was exposed to many artistic mediums. Although some type of artwork was always a hobby it wasn’t until I had my first child that I realized I would like to pursue art full time.


Since I appreciate so many art forms I like to dabble in many and challenge myself, thus the name of my business ScattaBrain Creations. I find inspiration from the smallest things around and sometimes just trying to see how I can make a certain technique my own. As a child my father encouraged me to “color” my world which led me to create many pieces that positively reflects me, a black woman. As a black woman I feel that I can’t be defined by anyone. My work is eclectic, and ever changing.

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I love to create custom pieces to help my clients bring out their creative side, which a lot of times, feeds my inspiration. Being an artist allows me to express myself like no other job. I’m always looking for feedback to help me improve and expand. My work can be found at www.scattabraincreations.etsy.com  and like me on Facebook: www.facebook/ScattaBrainCreations  



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