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I’m Eddie Osborne, a crafter/African cultural presenter currently residing in Miramar, Florida. My craft specialty is African and African-derived musical instruments, an activity which evolved from childhood observations of my father and his friends making and playing assorted African musical instrument surrogates, or substitutes, during impromptu music-making sessions in 1950s Griffin, Georgia.

That early exposure piqued an interest which remained with me through a stint in the U.S. Air Force – and subsequent jobs as a library assistant, journalist, freelance writer, and adjunct college/university professor, among others – eventually leading, in the late 1980s, to my undertaking the making of musical instruments in earnest.

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Over the years, I’ve crafted a wide range of African musical instruments, some of which have become part of museum collections and some of which have been used in live and recorded performances by musicians in the U.S. and abroad. Much of the appeal of my creations – or, rather, re-creations, in that I strive to follow traditional dictates – is that they reflect a genuine love and appreciation of African cultural manifestations and an unwillingness to compromise principles in order to board the big-buck bandwagon.

For examples of my craft offerings, visit www.etsy.com/shop/PanAfricanArts; for examples of my cultural presentations (lectures, lecture-demonstrations, and instrument-making workshops), visit www.ancestralmemory.com

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