FEATURED ARTIST: EcoCycled (Jeff & Neece)

 sherlock giraffe

This is an original design of a giraffe as Sherlock Holmes.

Tell me a little about yourself…

EcoCycled is the collaboration of two artists, Jeff Fogg and Neece Campione. Jeff and Neece actually live in different states. Jeff lives in Saxapahaw, North Carolina and Neece lives in Fairmont, West Virginia.

How’d you get your start in recycled art?

Both of us have been upcycling old things past their prime into art our whole lives. It’s just the way we see the world, I guess. We both care about the environment, so that is part of what inspires us.

How has recycled art transformed your life?

It has changed the way we look at things. Jeff and I see value even in an object that looks like it’s past its prime. For example, we upcycle old books that have been loved so much they are falling apart. Most people would throw them out but we see them as canvas for our art.

What is your process to create recycled art, does an idea or concept just come to you, or do you adopt a form of mechanical thinking etc.?

Probably both. Sometimes we look at what we have already collected and wonder, what could we do with that to make it interesting? Sometimes we see something while just going about our day and think, “Eureka! That would make a great piece of art!”


Colander Wind Chimes – with silverware. Sounds lovely and is perfect for outside a kitchen.

Where or how do you get your inspiration?

It comes from everywhere. Jeff goes to auctions and sees lots of stuff that other people don’t want, and thinks up potential uses for it all. We’re always looking for interesting previously loved books for our printed pages. But sometimes we get inspired by nature, or even other peoples’ art, something in a movie, etc. Everything has the potential to inspire us.

What is the craziest or most unique and unusual or controversial art piece you created from recycled material into art and why?

Jeff created something wonderful a couple years ago. It’s a robot cookie jar. It took him a while because he really wanted it to look a certain way, and when you upcycle, sometimes you have to wait for the right part to come along.

Another thing he created was an amazing piece of art. It is hundreds of old watch parts in a frame. It has a lot of texture and you can stare at it for quite some time.

steampunk watch parts
Why does Jeff create this kind of stuff? He’s driven to always creating something. He gets an idea in his mind and he just has to follow through.

Neece has done a lot of digital work for the printed pages. Probably the most unique thing she’s done has been Captain Jack Raccoon, a raccoon dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow. Her favorite designs have been custom images for people, which can be anything at all. She recently dressed up 19 dogs with people bodies for a customer, based on what the dog owners were interested in. She also does custom wedding/anniversary designs that people seem to love. Why does she do it? -Mainly because it’s fun and it makes her laugh. She knows she’s created something special when her husband laughs when he first sees it.

 jack sparrow raccoon

Where can we view or check out and buy your art?


While most of our shop right now is full of printed pages, we’re both busily creating new wall art to sell in the very near future, so stay tuned!

Any advice to those who are considering creating art from recycled materials?

Yes! Just do it! Turn something that is past its prime into art. It’s a lot of fun and you’re keeping trash out of landfills, which is always a good thing. Once you get started, you’ve created a hobby for life. It’s rather addictive, but not as expensive as some hobbies can be, which is nice.


This is just one of the records that Jeff has painted. The rest have sold and more are on their way. They work great in sets.

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