FEATURED ARTIST: Kings Bench Creations


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Tell me a little about yourself?

Kings Bench Creations, Lawrenceville, Georgia. Started in 2012. Even though I have an art degree from a million years ago, I lacked the confidence to move forward with my own art. For years I purchased other people’s art. It was more important to have art than it was to have heat, after all that’s what sweaters are for.

How’d you get your start in recycled art?

I guess with age comes a certain amount of wisdom. When re-purposed art started entering the market I came alive. I felt that it encompassed a wide range of ideas that were important to me. One: the love of art and two: keeping the landfills a little less full.


How has recycled art transformed your life?

Using basically other people’s trash is invigorating. Having worked for years in a corporate environment it was such a change of pace now dumpster diving for materials to complete my latest project. Even the wood I use is recycled or culled from local contractors.

What’s both amusing and functional is the effect it’s had on friends and family. I don’t think a visit goes by without someone handing me a baggie of “junk” they thought I could use. Talk about promoting awareness.


Where do you get your inspiration?

Inspiration is an interesting question. I come from a home that as a child was full of cartoons, comic books and doodling. My father loved to draw and I picked it up at a young age, constantly looking for paper to create another animal or whimsical creature. Years of this made it very easy to translate into the art I do today. I keep small notebooks by my bed, desk and workshop, so that it’s readily available to jot down a random thought as my brain is multitasking.


What is the craziest or most unique and unusual art piece you created from recycled material into art and why?

Some of my favorite and unusual pieces have come from custom orders. It’s like an additional ingredient in a basket of goodies. How can you both create their dreams with your creativity and both be happy in the end.

I have never been happier with my art than I am right now. Uncertainty has been replaced with confidence. This past year some of the local shops and galleries have been a great boost in my confidence. I was standing in one of the galleries one day without identifying myself and the woman next to me said “I don’t know exactly why, but that piece just makes me happy.” Let me tell you, nothing is better than making someone smile.

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Any advice to those who are considering creating art from recycled materials?

I have to say, for anyone who would want to pursue this type of medium, go for it. If you put aside the tools needed, material is always at your fingertips.



Website: www.kingsbenchcreations.com
Facebook: Kings Bench Creation


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