FEATURED ARTIST: eGarden Studio (Ben & Glenda)


Name: Ben and Glenda

Location: Seattle, WA

Website: www.etsy.com/shop/eGardenStudio


How did you get involved with gardening and gardening products? What led you to it?

We’ve always been passionate about gardening and nature and wanted to find a way to turn that passion into a career. We had been having lots of different kinds of plants at home just for fun as we LOVE gardening and one day we just realized that this can become an interesting profession, which can not only help us make a living, but also motivate us to keep creating new products and OF COURSE having more plants.   J


What do you get out of gardening and creating gardening products? How has it improved or changed your life or the lives of others? Why do you feel it is vital or important?

Creating gardening products can be a great way of refreshing our minds – encouraging us to look at all things from multiple different angles and perspectives. For example, by displaying things at a different height, or tilting glass at different angles, we can always get something new, interesting, and unique. It encourages us to think outside of the box – not only just for creating products, but also for our own life! After all, there are two sides to every coin – and there are a lot more sides to life! It never hurts to be creative, as it makes our life more interesting every day. We believe that by selling our creations to other people, we can also change their life in a more positive way, even just a tiny bit. For example, many customers have told us that they are happier when they look at our products on their desks, or it’s very fun to look at their new pets and to take care of them, or it made their friends’ day by giving our products to them as gifts, etc. We got so much wonderful feedback from these happy customers as shown in the next question below, which again shows that our creations to some extent can improve the lives of others. In return, it can improve our own lives as we are very happy that we can make someone else happy.  J


What comments, responses or feedback have you received about your garden or gardening products?

We have received so much wonderful feedback about our products from our customers. Here are some of them:

“Just received my Marimo moss ball today and it is so cute! I can’t wait to put it on my desk at work tomorrow! It came wrapped securely with instructions to get started. Shipping was fast and I am really happy with everything! Thank you Glenda and Ben!”

“May be the very best seller on here! Wonderful to work with, super friendly and helpful! I am in love with my new pets, and they have an amazing habitat! Who would have thought you could re-purpose a light bulb into a terrarium?! AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for everything!”


“Shipped very fast, well packaged and it is 50 times cuter than the picture. The air plant was healthy and I assembled the kit in minutes. I could not be happier. . . unless maybe I had ordered 3 instead of one!”

“This is the cutest little thing ever. Shipping was really fast and came with very clear instruction of assembly and care. I can’t wait for this little guy to grow huge! Maybe I’ll be back one day to get a friend for it.”

“I am a photographer and I find this piece absolutely stunning and unique. It’s so inspiring to me, I couldn’t wait to receive it and start creating photos! Super fast shipping and carefully packaged, I couldn’t be more pleased with the product or selling. An exceptional conversation piece I would recommend to anyone. Will be buying more!”


“Glenda and Ben were super!!! They responded almost instantly to all of my messages, and this marimo was shipped securely and quickly very, very quickly in perfect condition, but I knew that it would because of the great seller interaction. Thank you guys so much for my new marimo!”

“Super friendly, went out of their way to ship it early so it would arrive on time for my mom’s birthday! The Marimo looks super healthy and happy too!”

For more reviews, please go to www.etsy.com/your/shops/eGardenStudio/reviews.


What’s your most favorite feature or the best aspect of your garden product from your perspective?

Our most favorite one is the Marimo moss ball in a re-purposed light bulb, which has multiple wonderful aspects. First, like what we said before, we like to look at things from different perspectives – a light bulb is supposed to generate light, but we can change its purpose and turn it into something fun and unique – a little aquarium with a moss ball in it! Even though it no longer generates light, we believe that it can still “brighten” someone’s day! J  It can brighten the customers’ day when they receive the product, or it can brighten someone’s day if he or she gets this as a gift! Furthermore, Marimo moss ball is a live fuzzy pet plant that slowly grows over time, which can bring a lot of fun to people who have it. Many customers told us that they even named their moss balls, such as Jake, Mo, Lily, fuzzy… LOL.  It is also believed in the Japanese culture that Marimo moss balls can give people good luck!


In your opinion, why is gardening, guerilla gardening or creating gardening products an art form?

Because it reflects lots of creativity, passion, love, beauty, peace, different levels of vision and perspectives. Gardening products are great pieces for people to look at, to enjoy, to decorate their places with, etc.


What’s your favorite plant and why?

Our favorite plant is Marimo moss ball, because it’s super cute and fuzzy, and it’s really fun to observe it growing slowly over time. Plus it has a beautiful story and cultural meaning behind it. Japanese people believe that it will bring good luck to people, and in Iceland, it is believed that it will make your wishes come true if you take good care of it.



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