FEATURED ARTIST: Paula & Chris Jeanniton

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Name: Paula and Chris Jeanniton

Location: Newark Valley, NY

Astrological Sign: Gemini and Cancer



Plantables And Paper: www.PlantablesAndPaper.etsy.com

Journaling Jane: www.JournalingJane.etsy.com

JJLetterpress: www.JJLetterpress.etsy.com

Seed Paper Society: www.SeedPaperSociety.etsy.com



How did you get involved with gardening products?  What led you to it?


I have always had a passion for nature and recycling.  I started a small Etsy shop on a whim to make a little extra cash and to explore my creativity.  My first products were homemade envelopes and confetti from vintage books and comic strips.  I saved every bit of scrap paper from those projects and that led me to upcycling the scraps into my own homemade paper.  Somehow the idea came to me to add seeds during the paper making process and that is how Plantables And Paper was born.



What do you get out of creating gardening products?  How has it improved or changed your life or the lives of others?  Why do you feel it is vital or important?


I love seeing the transformation of new life from dormant seed, germination, seedling, young green sprouts, the formation of leaves, that result in a beautiful little blossom.  It is life affirming to witness the process whether you plant in your backyard, in a garden, or in a small pot on a window sill in a tiny office.  Our products have a wide range of use- birthday parties, Christmas gifts, baby showers, wedding favors, and even memorial service mementos.  I hope that our seed paper and the resulting wildflowers bring smiles, well wishes, or comfort to those receiving them.


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What comments, responses or feedback have you received about your garden products?


Seed balls have been around since Ancient Egypt, but many people have never heard of them.  I love hearing feedback from customers new to the idea of seed bombs and guerilla gardening.  It is easy to get hooked on!

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In your opinion, why is gardening, guerilla gardening or producing gardening products an art form?


Guerilla Gardening is definitely an art form!  You can take a barren piece of land in a city, roadside, or even out in the boonies and create a masterpiece of color and landscape with a couple handfuls of seed bombs.  It is a form of natural splatter paint!


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Do you have any seed bomb or gardening product recipes to share and where is it best to throw?  Do you have any favorite gardening products you’d recommend to fellow gardeners or advice about gardening?


You can make seed bombs out of any compost material.  You can use a mix of any of the following:  paper scraps, egg cartons, cereal boxes, clay, compost, ash, dirt, grass clippings, etc.  They make a great educational craft project for kids and adults alike!



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