My name is Audrey Marielle Dussap. I am 20 years old and I am a SCORPIO. I currently reside in Brockton, MA. I am a visual artist; I mostly paint women of all cultures, but mostly African-American women. I usually work with acrylic and oil paint. 

I’ve always loved drawing and art since I was a child. My grandfather, Great-Aunt, Mother, and father all draw or paint. I started sharing and selling my artwork January 2013. My goal is to motivate and inspire women of color to love themselves & help people through my artwork. 






Instagram: artbyamarielle 

I believe what sets me apart is the execution of the artwork. I don’t often focus on details or perfection, more-so the message and subject of the piece.  I like to keep it “simple” for the most part. I get joy hearing that I’ve inspired people to follow their passion, or that I’ve helped someone because of my artwork. I get a lot of my inspiration from my culture, my Haitian background, women I see around me, photographers, and other artists who focus on powerful black women. 

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The most controversial piece I have created is called “Amerikkka”; it is a recreation of a photograph I saw with the caption that said “What country was built on the eradication of one race and the enslavement of another?” It was done shortly after George Zimmerman was found not guilty. I had an art show a few weeks later and one of the patrons got upset as soon as he saw the piece. He told me “everything is not about race” and he “didn’t like the piece at all” (he was white); that was the first time anyone had ever reacted negatively to my work, but I wasn’t upset. I was glad I provoked another emotion in someone, and I always remind myself that art is open to interpretation. 

A lot of people tell me they love the positive light the women are viewed in, and the messages to remind us women that we are queens, regardless of skin tone. I struggled with discrimination from my own people because I wasn’t light enough. I want the art to unify us. 


My advice to fellow artists would be to always chase the passion, not the money. You have to really love what you do. Never sell yourself short. Charge what you believe you are worth. If you charge peanuts, you will attract monkeys. Lastly, never give up on your talent. We all get better with time. Share it, spread it, and inspire with it. 

I am giving away artwork to anyone who sponsors/supports and purchases a ticket for me so I can be in this showcase. My deadline is the 23rd at 5pm. Tickets are $15. www.rawartists.org/artbyamarielle 

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