FEATURED ARTIST: Mansfield Maple (Chris White)



Mansfield Maple (Chris White)




Tell me a little about yourself…

My grandfather was a dairy farmer, as was his father, and grandfather before. They made maple syrup on the farm, living off the land. When the farm closed down my father moved and purchased the 120 acre sugar woods and sugar house we use today.

Years later, when I joined the maple farm, I started Mount Mansfield Maple Products as a way to sell my share of our maple syrup crop. Initially Mansfield Maple consisted of a website and a post office box. The only product we offered was maple syrup. We boxed up the jugs in the garage of our apartment at night and worked the family Christmas tree farm during the day.


As Mansfield Maple grew we began to offer maple candy. My wife and I bought a house, and we converted the entire downstairs into a maple kitchen. More products were developed, and demand for these products practically forced us out of the house. In order to keep up we moved into the location we are in today.

We now have 2,500 square feet of production space where we bottle syrup, produce “best in show” candy, develop our mouthwatering confections, and pack and ship products all over the world.

I am a Fifth generation maple sugar maker. Maple is in my blood. I love everything about maple and look forward to sharing it with you.


What comments, responses and feedback have you received about your products that inspire you to keep on making maple syrup?

We have a very high customer retention rate. To achieve this we believe in producing the highest quality maple products and marketing them at fair prices while at the same time providing excellent customer service. We sell our products directly through our website as well as through multiple online marketplaces.

Every single day we get feedback ratings through these online marketplaces attesting to the fact that our products and service meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. We also receive emails on a regular basis from our customers describing how our products brought them back in time to when they were a kid, savoring maple for the very first time or remembering the special family traditions that maple used to be a part of.


These emails, comments and feedback are part of what really helps to make our business special for us, and to embrace this trade as a livelihood and a passion rather then as a job. The best emails to get are when people tell us about how are products help create and foster new family traditions . When someone is able to share with their children, the same maple traditions they had as a kid… now that is special. Sugar on snow in the springtime, maple candy at the fair and holidays, and family pancake breakfasts to name a few.

Why are these customer experiences so special to me? Because these are the very same traditions that I remember as a kid growing up here in the northeast.


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