FEATURED ARTIST: ThinkEco2 (Jules Lavallee & Brian Behncke)


Jules Lavallee and Brian Behncke, Founders of ThinkEco² , San Diego, CA

Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/thinkeco2 

How did you get involved with gardening and gardening products?   What led you to it?  

I love gardening. I wanted to create a small space garden container that would be perfect for urban living.


What do you get out of gardening and creating gardening products?   How has it improved or changed your life or the lives of others?   Why do you feel it is vital or important?

Our handmade eco-friendly garden planters and flower pots are built from reclaimed and repurposed wood. We wanted to create products that fit into a small space and are good for the environment. People love our garden planters for their herbs. They are made from recycled cedar, so they are naturally resistant to pests and rot.

 What’s your most favorite feature of your garden or product?  

 I think our handmade tray is an added bonus to the cute planters.

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What comments, responses and feedback have you received about your garden and gardening products?

Our handmade planters are very popular among nurseries and urban clients. People love the fact that they are made from old, weathered fence and they fit into a small space. They are perfect for a small garden or urban living.  

Do you have any advice for others interested in starting a garden?

I think it is important to think about the consumer when designing a gardening product. For individuals who move from the country to the city, our planters bring the country in the city.

il_570xN_454712107_6wz0 garden planter

Do you have any advice or tips about gardening?

I would recommend gardeners check out Garda Dibble gardening tool: http://www.gardadibble.com/  It’s a great way to plant garden seeds that saves time, energy, and money.  

What’s your favorite plant and why?

I love herbs. I love to grow fresh herbs in my garden.


Why do others need to get involved with gardening aside from replenishing the earth, saving and providing an environment to foster insect and animal life and beautification of the Earth?  

Why not buy an eco-friendly container for your garden? It makes great sense to save our resources and create a beautiful sustainable space. We offer several handmade garden planters with trays. Our products can be found at: www.etsy.com/shop/thinkeco2





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