FEATURED ARTIST: Katerina (Magic Greek Garden)

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Tell me a little about yourself…

My name is Katerina, born and raised in a beautiful country full of sun, white and blue colors and great history, in Greece.  About a year ago I created my Magic Greek Garden shop with Greek seeds from my farm in Paros Island. All my seeds are organic, non GMO, heirloom seeds. Also in my shop you can find some gardener’s tools like gardening gloves and gardening decorations.

Website: www.etsy.com/shop/Magicgreekgarden?ref=si_shop
Contact: magicgarden@hotmail.com

I consider myself a lucky girl who grew up on a large farm on the island of Paros. When I was little I remember planting herbs along with my grandfather, gathering vegetables and fruits, pruning, Grape pressing and picking olives from olive trees. So with such a history, it was easy to love nature and I decided to get involved with the sale of seeds.

Gardening gives you the opportunity to calm down from the daily stress. It also improves life and health and gives you the chance to harvest your own organic fruits, vegetables and fruit and this is a very strong feeling.

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In the last year, I received only positive responses from people who visited my shop, much love, support and a lot of positive energy. People get excited that they can find Greek products online and many of them return to repurchase more from my shop. Also, I have received many positive comments for fast delivery from Greece. I am happy that the people who buy my seeds see me more as a friend, and I receive daily emails from dozens of people who just want to have a friendly talk with me and ask my opinion.

It’s an amazing feeling to know that a piece of my Greek garden gives color and flavors in other gardens and homes around the world and how the home kitchens in the world are filled with flavors and aromas from my own vegetable seeds, the vases of someone’s living room is filled with flowers that have bloomed from my own seeds, the Scent of Greece in different places of the world.

Nature itself is art. You can see it around you every day when you watch a seed germinate, a flower blossom, the color obtained in the sky at sunrise, the birds migrate in the winter. So much beauty surrounds us.


What’s your favorite plant and why?

It is very difficult to pick just one. I love roses because they have a beautiful color and I cannot imagine my life without color. I have a great weakness for Cactuses; I make pots with ambiguous cactus species. From my herb garden, I definitely love rosemary. I put it in almost any recipe I cook. From my vegetables, I love the cherry tomatoes and definitely my favorite fruit is baby watermelon, both remind me of summer.

Why do others need to get involved with gardening aside from replenishing the earth, saving and providing an environment to foster insect and animal life and beautification of the Earth? How has it influenced you on a spiritual or emotional level or evolved you as a person, if it has?

As I said above, dealing with gardening is best to improve one’s self. Planting a seed is like giving life and the watering like giving food and care. All this makes you more responsible. For me it is something much bigger. I am forced to live in a big city in the exhaust and noise. When I come home from work the first thing I do is go to my patio and take care of my plants. I have a small paradise on my balcony and I’m so proud of it. In this way, I forget the concepts and problems in a second.


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