FEATURED ARTIST: Blue Mallard (Sarah)


Name: Blue Mallard (Etsy Store by Sarah)
Location: Chaplin, CT
Website: www.etsy.com/shop/bluemallard

How did you get involved with gardening? What led you to it?

Well, I grew up in the gardening/plant world. My parents operate a family-owned greenhouse business growing flowers and seasonal plants for local garden centers and florists, so I guess you could say it’s almost in my blood. For as long as I can remember I helped them plant seeds and flowers and deliver plants to their customers. As I got older, I loved having my own vegetable and herb gardens. I’m actually not much of a fairy gardener, but I like creating items for others to decorate their gardens with. It is a great outlet for my creativity and I really enjoy designing new items and combining new paint designs and color combinations.


What do you get out of gardening or creating gardening products?

I love gardening! I feel like it is a wonderful time to slow down and enjoy the beauty of nature around us. Our lives are so busy these days, it is relaxing to unplug from technology for an hour or so and just spend some time tending a garden, whether its flowers, vegetables or just a small terrarium.


What comments, responses, feedback have you received about your garden or gardening products?

“Highly recommend this seller! Adorable little accessories for a dish garden.”

“These are even more adorable than the picture shows! I love them and thank you so much! Can’t wait to put them in the Fairy Gardens!”

“How adorable my little mushrooms are for my fairy garden. Thank you and the shipping was fast!!!”

“Attention Etsy Shoppers! Everyone should own a set of these little treasures! They are awesome! Just look…”

“Too cute!!! Great seller, highly recommended!!”

“My friend loved the gnome! He was so excited when he got it and called right away to tell me! Thanks for your fast service and a quality product!”


Do you have any advice for others interested in starting a garden or getting involved with gardening product creation?

If you are interested in gardening, don’t be intimidated by it. Ask a friend for a few tips or even visit a local garden center, their staff often will have a wealth of information. And don’t be afraid to start small, whether it’s a small container garden of veggies outdoors or a little terrarium or miniature garden inside. I have gotten so many messages from my customers, who don’t have time or space for large gardens, but love the possibilities available for small gardens. I try to offer a wide range of accessories for people looking to decorate their terrariums, indoor potted plants or fairy gardens. I make small mushrooms, gnomes, fairies, gazing balls, stepping stones and offer seasonal decorating items such as candy corn mushrooms, gnome Santas and snowmen.


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