Valentine’s Day Card: Mr. T (Free Printable)


What Valentine Day would be complete without giving your loved ones or friends Valentine Day cards?  I created 5 especially for you!  I can’t guarantee my political correctness or guarantee the recipients won’t be offended, so I will apologize now!

To print, you will have to set your printer, front to back, so it will print on both sides.  You may even have to put it on the flip setting depending on your printer, or you may be able to manually flip the page over in between printing.  Once printed, simply fold the paper in half and sign, “Love,…” and give it to your Valentine!

Thick card stock paper may be preferable.  Click on the below link in red or the picture above to open and print the card (PDF version).    Happy Valentine’s Day from Craftlantis!

V-day Card 1 Mr. T

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