Oh Tannenbaum! Star Wars Style

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I have yet to get the pictures of the Star Wars Christmas tree ornanments up I’ve noticed, and I’m late as usual, such the procrastinator, I hate that, and am shocked at how quickly January flew by.  Guess I wasn’t quite set for 2014.  This year is really flying by, maybe because I’m just not getting enough done.  (Sigh). 

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So even though it’s February, here is December’s (2013) tree.  The only thing that I added that I thought was fancy (and awesome) was the Yoda lights which I special ordered from Target.  Maybe next year I’ll get a Yoda tree topper and some more Jedi type lights.  I decided to build gradually. 

002 001

My hubby made the tree topper: The Death Star, using a big ornament I purchased from the Dollar Store and foil and a black Sharpee marker.

010 009

I’ll admit, it may look a little bootleg, but I love it!!!


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