Duct Tape Earrings

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I was inspired by my daughter to create duct tape earrings since she made some.  (She is the Duct Tape Queen, check out her “Duct Tape Mania” series under Mini Me: http://craftlantis.com/mini-me-ccs-crafts/!!!)  So I created my own new version of duct tape earrings, which I have yet to see any where else.  To create the swirly long or swirly square long earrings, you simply cut a duct tape circle into a swiril or a duct tape square into a square swirl (if that makes sense). 

To create a bow, just use a rectangular duct tape piece and bend or fold it in accordian fashion and wrap the middle with a small sliver of tape.  I used cardboard or plastic pieces for some of the earrings with Adinkra Symbols of West Africa, (and glitter and sharpee markers and wire and earring hooks).    But be creative!  I know some of these earrings may be too loud and too big for some people’s tastes but I love them.   You can create an earring design unique to your style.  

I special ordered my supplies from Walmart, for under $50.  It was a fun project.  Contact me if you’d like a pair.

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