FEATURED ARTIST: Remnants by RJ (Rebecca Jackson)


Company Name: Remnants by RJ.


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My name is Rebecca Jackson from Lawrence, KS.

How’d you get your start in recycled art?

I originally started in mosaics and found I kept wanting to incorporate found objects in my work, instead of the more traditional mosaic materials. While on Etsy, I happened across some recycled art sculptures and knew I’d found my passion. Seeing something new in what already exists is challenging and also rewarding. I love searching for unique vintage pieces and putting them together to create art pieces with “personality.”

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How has recycled art transformed your life?

I love the feeling I get when I can create something new, solely out of recycled materials. There are so many things in the world that are just discarded and wasted. I hate to admit I hadn’t thought about recycling much before I got involved in art, but now I see potential in everything and want to do my part to use what’s already here.

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Where do you get your inspiration?

My artistic process centers on finding a robot’s missing pieces and “reassembling” it. I go to flea markets and antique stores, not in search of flashlights, canisters, or teapots, but rather for the gathering of bodies, heads, and missing legs—body parts that will soon litter my workshop surfaces. After trial-and-error limb and head transfusions, a robot takes shape. With a little post-surgery drilling and bolting, their personalities emerge to tell their stories.

That’s what I think sets my robots apart from other artists’. I see their personalities and write little stories for each of them that center on their physical characteristics. I also strive to give my robots a “purpose.” Almost all of them offer a storage area or serve a function (like a lamp or clock). Fundamentally, I want them to be unique art pieces that also serve a purpose.


Where can we view and purchase your art?

My website is www.remnantsbyrj.com, and my Etsy site is www.remnantsbyrj.etsy.com. I also have a blog: www.a-robot-a-day.blogspot.com. I did the 365 Day Challenge and created a robot a day last year. Now I just update it as I continue to make new ones. People can keep up-to-date on my stuff through Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Remnants-by-RJ/92445436995.




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