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My name is Beverly White. I am a fiber artist from Michigan. Quilts are my passion; however, I also enjoy knitting, crocheting, embroidering and cloth doll making.

I learned to embroider on my mother’s knee very early in life.  Embroidering was her medium. Knitting, crocheting, and garment making were my next progression for practical reasons – clothing my family. I took a class in quilting when I was losing my father to cancer and needed an outlet to help me cope during that time in my life. I have been quilting since 1981. I first realized I had artistic ability when I sold my first quilt. Artistic recognition came to me when Marsha MacDowell of Michigan State University asked me to be in African-American Quiltmaking in Michigan.

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My work can be seen on my website: www.crafthingsbybeverly.org

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CrafthingsByBeverly?ref=pr_shop_more

Quilt Index: http://www.quiltindex.org/search_results.php?keywords=beverly+white&search=go

African-American Quiltmaking in Michigan (published by Michigan State University): http://www.amazon.com/African-American-Quiltmaking-Michigan-MacDowell/dp/0870134108

I wouldn’t consider myself apart from other artists and crafters.  I believe that artists and crafters are creating art that we love.  If someone else appreciates that work, then that’s validation of a job well done. I would consider that a personal goal.


There is relaxation while designing, cutting and restructuring the pieces of a quilt. There is also a feeling of pride and accomplishment when a work is finished. My inspiration comes from my life experiences, reading and people. I have a heroes quilt, “View from the Mountaintop” owned by Michigan State University. This quilt shows the people I admire; i.e., Medgar Evers, Martin Luther King, Jr., W. E. B. DuBois, Harriet Tubman, etc.  Michigan State University also has my quilt honoring Nelson Mandela. I was inspired by this great man.   I made this quilt when he was released from prison.

The people buying my art praise my attention to detail and my workmanship. My advice to others: Release your creativity- it’s inside of everyone. Give yourself permission to stand back and let it take over.  You’ll surprise yourself with the results. Some may like your work and some may not – that is to be expected. If, however, you are satisfied with your art then VOILA!!!!  Also, support and encourage one another.


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