I’d like to introduce you…


She is a keen seductress, conniving in fact.  She thwarts your mind, has you questioning your every perceptive thought and whimsy, makes you question yourself and adopt self-doubt like a newborn baby left at your doorstep, because it is so adorable and vulnerable, you have to give it a home and nurture it, better yet, let it nurture you.

She is both primitive and modern, tip toeing on subtle nuances that you’d miss at the blink of an eye.  She is what your ancestry alluded to in the artifacts and relics you too soon left behind, your history interwoven and meshed between fine lines of fine architecture that you didn’t know defined you, completely. 

She is as translucent and thin as air, unfurling your senses like the cat its tail to keep balance adrift the reedy cord it transcends to meet its destiny, and you with yours.  She could have been a mahogany dream that stamps on the black and white nightmares that dauntlessly appear and ruminate in your memory banks periodically, but she saturates your visions eternally. 

She is matter, consuming atoms midair, whilst stepping on your toes, all ten.  She is the grimace grin, the cold wet tear cascading down your face like the skier the slopes, the chills sprinting down skin as if to win an Olympian race; the shock and awe you feel, dropping your chin 20 degrees beyond laughter, appalling, riveting. She is mad cursing, popping like dynamite, blazing like firecrackers exploding in blackened sky. 

She is the question why and the enigma of the mind, when it comes to your answer.  She is marvelous and fascinating and melancholy all at the same time, a beautiful horrific monster, a roller coaster making you laugh and cry.  She is the friend I told you about, and meant to introduce you to, and the purpose of my rant.  If you haven’t met her yet, I’d like to humbly introduce you, to my good friend, by no other name than, Art.


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