There Are No Starving Artists…



There are no starving artists; it’s quite the opposite actually.  Think about your barren walls, and drab home and garden motifs, that overwhelm you with depression and make you macabre. Artists, stereotypically, are synonymous with paupers, barely scraping by, waiting for discovery…right?  (That is quite the opposite on Craftlantis, when you look at the numerous works of art and the stores of these artisans). 

Artists are able to thrive in this day and era.  Sure, some may have day jobs and pursue their artistic prowess part time or as a hobby, but never the less, they aren’t starving.  Their lives are perhaps more fulfilled for doing what they love to do best, whether it is making music, art, gardening, etc… How many of us actually have the time, or better yet, make the time, to pursue a craft we love?  How many of us have stressful lives filled with mundane jobs, we absolutely don’t look forward to going to every Monday through Friday and sometimes Saturday if overtime is required?

Have you ever been to an artist’s home that wasn’t filled with beauty or eye popping artifacts that draw you in like a moth to a flame, where energy, Zen and Chi flow simultaneously?  Art has always been a sign of cultured and rich or at least well to do individuals, and a form of expression, ambiance and beauty, but by no means is art affiliated with “starving”, so why should an artist be considered such?

If anything society should be ravenous for art.  I bet “you”, in fact, are absolutely starving… for an artist to create an art piece you utterly love and can’t get enough of.  Be sure to explore Craftlantis’ Featured Artists… you just may find what you are famished for…

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