FEATURED ARTIST: Ida Harris (Hotpeeznbutta)

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Tell me a little about yourself…

My name is Ida Harris. I am a creative artist and native New Yorker, Atlanta resident, who just so happens to be a doll maker.

How’d you get started, or what prompted you to begin crafting in your genre?  

When a cousin of mine gave birth to two baby girls within a two year span, I toyed with the idea of making rag dolls as a personalized gift. It wasn’t until a divine meeting with textile artist Lillian Blades, that my Ba’beez, were actually born. What initially began as a hobby and personal gesture has evolved into a labor of love and exploration into the depths of emotional expression.


How long have you been an artist or crafter? When did you first discover your artistic ability?

I recently tapped into my artistry and began taking it serious for over a year. It has been buried, but has always been there from as early as age 5. It just needed to be mined out and cultivated.

Where can we check out and buy your work?  





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What do you think sets you apart from other artists and crafters? 

I share a kindred spirit with artists and crafters alike. The thing that distinguishes and individualizes us from one another is the creative process and the fruit that is yielded. My Ba’beez are born with a story, mine yours and somebody else’s. They teeter on the uncanny.

What do you get out of being an artist or crafter? 


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Where do you get your inspiration?

Community. I am affected by all the circumstances of my community and myself, be it good, bad or indifferent. Every block, kitchen, every vein has a story that moves me to create.

What’s the weirdest or most astonishing and controversial craft or artwork that you have ever created and how so or why?

A boy doll I created for “17” a show that honored Trayvon Martin’s 17 years of life and also focused on the lives of young Black men in America. The work is titled “New Negro” for a lack of better words. It is a 4 Ft boy dressed in urban/contemporary clothing. His facial and physical features are pica ninny. The conversation is as old as the condition.


What do others seem to love about your crafts or art, as far as feedback you have gotten?

Thus far, it is the connectivity people get from the work. They relate to the story and the emotion of the Ba’beez.

What is your advice to fellow crafters and artists?

Always listen to the little voice in your head.

Some call it schizophrenic, I call it skip-the-bull$#!+.  

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How would you describe your style, or form of artistry? 

Real, Surreal and uncanny.

Do you have any future plans for your artwork or crafts?

Yes, my vision is for Ba’beez to continue to evolve, reach a larger platform, and serve a wider audience.



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