FEATURED ARTIST: Jolie Nunez-Noggle (AKA Jolie Ego, Jolie Ruin)


Tell me a little about yourself…

My name is Jolie Nunez-Noggle (AKA Jolie Ego, Jolie Ruin). I’m 30-something. I am a Gemini. I have been married to my husband/best friend Jamie for 8 and a half years. He’s is also a Gemini! We have lots of cats & no kids. I currently live in Indiana. I am a writer / zinester, artist, blogger & cat lady.

How long have you been writing?

I have always loved to write. I remember saying that I wanted to be an author when I was 9 years old & my teachers always encouraged my writing. I have also been keeping journals since I was about 12, I don’t have all of them anymore but I have most of them that I keep in a huge box. So writing has been a big part of my life for a very long time. I write everyday….


How’d you get your start, or get discovered?

I don’t think I’ve ever been discovered! LOL! I have always done stuff on my own or for myself. D.I.Y. All the way! I discovered zines when I was 17 but didn’t actually do one until I was about 19. I also started writing & recording spoken word when I was 17 & started my own lo-fi cassette label called “Dead Meat” (later called “Ego Records”) & I ran that label until 2002… & my zine wasn’t my main focus until later because I was doing the label & distro thing. I guess I am kind of known for putting zines out one right after another in more recent years, & that’s because I am constantly writing.

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What prompts or inspires you to write?

A lot of things, mostly just LIFE. When I was younger a lot of my writing was angry & angsty…then kinda’ turned whiny & annoying for a while! I was writing mostly about bad break ups & failed relationships back then. I was constantly trying to figure other people out & why they acted the way they did & why I reacted to them the way that I did, why I did the things that I did… I over analyzed everything to death, hoping that writing about it would help me figure it out & get through it, & it did, but I’m sure no one else wanted to read about that stuff! I’m sure it was boring to them, or just sounded crazy. I always described my zine as “It’s like reading your sister’s diary,” because it really was– it was rambling & scatterbrained but totally raw & heartfelt. I have always been an open book.


Any advice or solution for writer’s block?

Not really….but only because I have writer’s block all of the time. I’m one of those people who has to just let things come out whenever they want to! I can’t force it. I do write a lot but sometimes it’s hard for me, especially if I have a deadline to meet. I hate feeling under pressure! I also get sudden bursts of inspiration in the middle of the night when I start thinking too much, when I should be sleeping. Then I have to get up & write everything down so that I don’t lose it.

Where can we check out and buy your work?

I have a website/blog & it’s still kind of new. It focuses mainly on people that I like & admire. I do interviews & write about my experiences at concerts & comedy shows. It’s mostly just for fun. But I also like to help get the word out about bands, zines, labels & comedians that I dig. You can find it here: http://www.jolieruin.com/

I just added a store to the site, but most of my stuff can be found in my Etsy store. I have zines, books, art, art prints, pins and all kinds of stuff & the address for that is:


I also have a Facebook like page: https://www.facebook.com/jolieruin

& you can follow me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/JolieRuin

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What do you think sets you apart from other writers?

I’m not sure….brutal honesty, maybe? I’m not very good at editing, so I tend to not censor myself or I write about things that I should probably keep to myself & I am a bit scatterbrained as well, & a few reviewers have said that my stories “have no beginning, middle, or end,” which is probably true. So that’s probably something that sets me apart from other writers…that I’m not very good at it.

What do you get out of being a writer? How has it improved your life or been a benefit to you and/or others?

Writing is therapy for me. Especially when I was younger & I didn’t really have anyone to talk to; it was a way for me to try to sort out the things in my head that were bothering me at the time. I NEEDED it, so it was very beneficial for me. So yeah, keeping me SANE is what writing has done for me. It’s also how I connect with people. I don’t know if it benefits others by reading my writing or by connecting with me. But it’s good for me, so I probably get a lot more out of it than anyone else! But it’s always awesome when someone reaches out to me &/or gives me positive feedback.

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What’s the weirdest or most astonishing and controversial work that you have ever written and how so or why?

Some people don’t like that I have used real names in my zines when I wrote about people that I know & I was using my zine as a tool to vent up until a few years ago. I stopped doing that when I finally realized that a lot of those zines came off as bitchy and like I was bashing other people. But at the time, it made me feel better & get over the things that certain people had done to me. I finally got over all of that & I no longer do zines like that. As far as my collage art goes—I do a lot of what I guess could be called “Feminist Art” & I use images from vintage adult magazines.

I’m sure a lot of that art makes some people uncomfortable & could be labeled as controversial… When I first started doing those art pieces, it was because my husband had been given a HUGE stack of old Playboys from the 1960s & 70s, so I had a lot of those to work with, and over the last few years, several people have just given me tons of old porn magazines to use in my art! It’s so funny that people are so comfortable with me that they feel like they can just hand over their porn to me! A lot of my art these days is inspired by feminism & sex & sexuality. I’ve done a few vibrator paintings & collages & people seem to love them! & I love that!

What do others seem to love about your writing, as far as feedback you have gotten?

Most of the feedback that I get is positive & I love it when girls tell me that they can relate to what I’m writing about & that they feel or have felt the same way & my zines help them get through whatever they are going through. That’s great & it’s awesome to know that my zine can have that much of an impact on someone. A lot of my readers are young women and it makes me happy to hear from them & have them tell me that I have inspired them to do something! That’s one of the coolest feelings in the world & one of the main reasons that I still do it! It keeps me going…


What is your advice to fellow writers if any, to encourage them to begin or to keep doing what they do?

Just do it. If you want to start a zine or a band or whatever—JUST DO IT. There’s no wrong or right way, & you can also learn along the way. You can’t just sit around & wait for something to happen, sometimes you just have to do it yourself & make things happen! Go out & kick ass! AND, Don’t let anyone bring you down. & I know that it’s easier said than done, but don’t let anyone discourage you. I have had my share of bad reviews & while I found it totally devastating when I first started writing, it doesn’t bother me very much anymore. You can’t be everybody’s cup of tea & the positive things always outweigh the negative things. I write for MYSELF, not anyone else. I’m not going to change the way that I do things or the things that I love doing just to please other people….So I guess that’s my only advice. Do what you want to do, however you want to do it.

How would you describe your writing style?

Diary Style. Like I mentioned before, my personal zine reads like a journal. I do more interview & art zines now too though because I want to keep those zines separate from my personal stuff! That’s just how I have always done things!


Do you have any future plans for your writing?

I’m doing tons of zines & lots of art. As well as split zines & other projects with other zinesters. I plan to do a few books too. I will continue to blog about (mostly) comedy shows on JolieRuin.Com because I love it.

What do you want others to take away from your writing, if anything?

Whatever they can! My writing can mean different things to different people. Just like art or song lyrics. I’m sure that others take away their own meanings & interpretations from it. So if they can get anything out of it, that’s great! & I really appreciate anybody that takes the time to read anything that I have written! So I want to thank all of the people that have read any of my many, many zines over the many, many years & anyone & everyone that has ever purchased, traded, &/or supported my zines & other projects!!! THANK YOU! xoxo


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