Yoda & Chewy Cupcake Toppers

If you are a Star Wars fan, why wouldn’t you love the Yoda & Chewy Cupcake Topper freebie? It’s a DIY craft, and you only need toothpicks, scissors, glue or a stapler and a printer.  I recommend a somewhat thick card stock type of paper, just so it holds better, but a standard sheet of paper will work as well.  Once done, insert into your cupcake and enjoy.  Great for a Star Wars themed party or just for fun!

Cupcake Toppers – Yoda and Chewy


Image from: http://cdn.greatgearstore.com/images/13747/enlarge/Toys-and-Models/830395026787-830395026787-Star-Wars-Yoda-And-Chewbacca-Mini-Bobble-Head-Set.jpg

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