Halloween Decor 2014




Utilize a candle holder for an eyeball.  I used old dried up mini eyeball bubble containers, but a ping pong ball with a drawn or painted on eye will suffice as well.  You can even add a mini led light votive underneath the candle holder to make it glow in the dark and add ambiance.



I picked up these purple glittery spiders at the Dollar Store and decided to crochet a mini web with white yarn, to make the spiders look crafty 🙂



decor 11

I found this cute baby owl at the Dollar Store too and couldn’t resist the purchase and added him to the top of the TV.  I will probably leave him there through Christmas and add a Santa hat to make him festive, just for some added whimsy.

decor 10

I actually recycled last year’s Halloween costume into a mannequin so to speak.  I borrowed an old pair of my husband’s jeans and an old pair of his shoes and stuffed everything with old bed sheets or old clothes.  I added a necklace and placed a pumpkin sticker on top and some 3D movie glasses  and an old hat to give him a little style.  We call him Wolfie and he actually freaked us and other people out a couple of times, as you actually think someone is there (unexpectedly) on your couch.  But he’s great company and a great watch dog.  I decided to keep him through Christmas as well, of course I’ll have to make him more festive for the season.

decor 9 decor 7 decor 6 decor 5 decor 3

My daughter came up with the idea of glue gunning the bottom of a wine glass to the bottom of a candle holder to add height and dimension.  I added in a white spider and blood glob and cotton spider web and purple skeleton toy and plastic spider rings in side the wine glass base.  You can also add a led light votive as well.

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