Frozen Hand Ice Sculpture

DSCI4987 DSCI4981 DSCI4982 DSCI4975




Admittedly, these ice hands didn’t come out great, I don’t recommend latex gloves at all, you have to clean them out really well, and the digits break off somewhat easily when taking them off, depending on how solid the ice is (a.k.a. how many days you let your hands freeze), and they are pretty flimsy and are prone to leakage.  I highly recommend the heavy duty rubber gloves!!!  These frozen bloody hands are great in punch for the freak out effect, or if you have an ice bowl, you can make them the centerpiece.  I added frozen mini skulls as well, for a tasty addition to any drink, and to make cold -one’s beverage.  Some fingers of course broke off, but that’s okay, -it’s realistic and it makes it even freakier!!!










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