My Mom’s Famous Sherbet Punch

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My mom’s famous Sherbet punch was always a hit at my birthday parties, and I was a child of the 80’s and it’s a hit with my daughter in this era right now, she can’t get enough of it.  I made it for the first time for her birthday party a couple of months ago, I should have thought of it sooner, but decided to make it for Halloween as well, since it’s just so awesome!  It’s better than hot cocoa with marshmallows and root beer floats put together, or at least in the same ballpark.  You need a Sprite or Mountain Dew or 7 Up type of drink, preferably Ginger Ale, that’s what my mom always used, and I highly recommend it, and your favorite Sherbet, rather it’s Orange, Rainbow, Lime, etc.  My mom always said she added some pineapple juice as her secret ingredient (shhh -don’t tell anyone), and I have yet to do it since I had a hard time finding it in the grocery store, -surprisingly, so I bought Rainbow and Pineapple Sherbet.  Combine the ingredients in a punch bowl with a ladle, and mix it up a bit, however, the Sherbet should melt down a little to cause the creamy, foamy goodness that is spectacularly delicious!!!  This is a winner, this is every kids kryptonite (and some adults as well), even my husband loved it!!!  Thanks Mom!!!











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