The Red, The Black & The Green (Crochet Earrings)

The Red, The Black & The Green Crochet Earrings Red  is for the blood, black is […]

Purple Passion

Purple Passion Crochet Earrings, spirals and circles, with furry and pink/lilac trim… these really pop…

Feeling the Blues

My favorite color is blue since it’s my birthstone, and there is just something majestic, […]

Camouflage Earrings – Crochet Style

Loops, spirals and ball earrings,  camouflage style  -You gotta’ love it!  I had to check […]

My Mom’s Famous Sherbet Punch

My mom’s famous Sherbet punch was always a hit at my birthday parties, and I […]

Halloween Treats & Eats

  You gotta’ love this Halloween spread, with charms and treats, nothing too extravagant, just […]

Frozen Hand Ice Sculpture

      Admittedly, these ice hands didn’t come out great, I don’t recommend latex […]

Wolfie Poo

  What could be more delicious than brownies cut into Halloween shapes?  Candy corns, almonds, […]

Meet Jack!

What is Halloween without my good friend Jack O. Lantern?  My daughter did (literally) a […]

Rotten Apples (Not your typical Granny Smith’s)

What is Halloween or even the  Fall season without Caramel Apples?  I decided to make […]