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Whether you are looking for art inspiration or DIY craft projects, or places to display or […]

Quotes by Artist Jean Michel Basquiat

“I was a really lousy artist as a kid. Too abstract expressionist or I’d draw […]

Quotes by Poet Walt Whitman

“Be curious, not judgmental.” “Whatever satisfies the soul is truth.” “Do anything, but let it […]

Quotes by Artist Leonardo da Vinci

  “Art is never finished, only bandoned.” “Where the spirit does not work with the […]

Quotes by Artist Romare Bearden

  “Artists have this desire for a vision of the world… There’s some painting someplace […]

Art Statistics: Why Art Is Important

  Art Improves Health & Well Being “Ercole Vellone, from the University Tor Vergata (Italy), […]

50 Ways to Cure Creative Block

Creative block, it seems inevitable at some point.  Whether you are an artist, crafter, writer, […]

I’d like to introduce you…

She is a keen seductress, conniving in fact.  She thwarts your mind, has you questioning […]

Quotes by Artist Frida Kahlo

“I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality.” “The only thing I […]

Quotes by Artist Pablo Picasso

  “Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.” “Colors, like features, follow […]