The Red, The Black & The Green (Crochet Earrings)

The Red, The Black & The Green Crochet Earrings Red  is for the blood, black is […]

Purple Passion

Purple Passion Crochet Earrings, spirals and circles, with furry and pink/lilac trim… these really pop…

Feeling the Blues

My favorite color is blue since it’s my birthstone, and there is just something majestic, […]

Camouflage Earrings – Crochet Style

Loops, spirals and ball earrings,  camouflage style  -You gotta’ love it!  I had to check […]

Afrocentric Crochet Earrings

Why not have options, with this spiral swirl, red, black and green earring set, with […]

Crochet Earrings

 These are what I like to call dangle ball earrings… Simple and quick to make, […]


I believe I showcase a matching Afrocentric scarf as well… Red for the blood, black […]

Crochet Earrings

I believe I showcase a matching scarf and hat, ocean sunset style, as well…

Crochet Earrings

Black, white, gray and light blue yarn crochetted into the perfect circle earrings…  Would you […]

Crochet Earrings: Gray Fog

 Why are crochet earrings so wonderful?  They are light weight, unique and make a statement, […]