Throwback Charms Take 2

Here are some more throwback charms, created and displayed back in the day, with a […]

Barbie’s Serving Up Cake

  Barbie’s Serving Up Cake Hope you like chocolate, fudge marble!

Barbie’s Lo Mein

Barbie’s Lo Mein Even Barbie loves a little foreign cuisine every once in a while!

Duct Tape Bow Pens

Who says bows are just for your hair?  Put them atop a pen duct tape style […]

Duct Tape Floral Pens

These are duct tape floral pens, featuring lip smooching/kissing duct tape, flying pig duct tape […]

Bacon & Eggs Barbie

Mmmmmm… Looks like Barbie made bacon, eggs and buttered toast.  I hope you are ready for […]

Duct Tape Floral Pens ~ Masculine Style

Who says you can’t make duct tape pens masculine style? Would your man be afraid […]

Hog Headed

I used an old piece of a feather boa and my crocheted pig head, that […]

Duct Tape Earrings

I was inspired by my daughter to create duct tape earrings since she made some.  […]

Christmas Trio: Yoda, Salacious B. Crumb & Jabba the Hutt

The finished product as promised…  Where could I buy such a collectible like this?  I […]