7 Layer Dip (Make that 15 Layer Dip)

  7 Layer Dip can be created via any ingredients you’d like to add, and […]

Italian Chicken, Pasta & Garlic Bread

Italian seasoned chicken with melted cheese, pasta and marinara sauce with parmesan and garlic bread […]

Strawberries, Chocolate & Whipped Cream

    Strawberries, Chocolate & Whipped Cream…Every Woman’s Dream… Great for a sinfully, seductive snack, […]

Sweet Potato Pancakes

Getting tired of the same old mundane, basic plain pancakes morning after morning?  Then give […]

Pancakes, Potatoes & Burrito

Crazy combination, I’ll admit, full of the wrong things to eat, but still yummy! Beef […]

Raspberry Apple Turkey Salad

I made this for my daughter since she has a sweet tooth and since getting […]