Southwest Salad

    The above salad is delicious and easy to make and just wouldn’t be […]

FEATURED ARTIST: Mansfield Maple (Chris White)

  Mansfield Maple (Chris White) Websites: Tell me a little about yourself… My […]

Quick Halloween Spread

We didn’t do anything fancy this year on Halloween, so I made a quick somewhat […]

What to do with your left over Grilled Chicken

With the summer coming and Memorial Day passing and July 4th on the horizon, who […]

Fresca Tacos

Mmmm, nothing tastes better than fresh… How often do you go to a restaurant and […]

Slow Carb Diet Meal

To improve health, cut my sugar intake and calories, thus reduce my weight I decided […]

Strawberries & Cream

What inspired this creation? Valentine’s Day. Ingredients Used? Strawberry Yogurt, Frozen thawed strawberries and Whipped […]

Thanksgiving Meal 2012

    I decided to make a spicy cajun/ jerk flavored turkey this year, and […]

Halloween Spread: Cupcakes

Okay, okay… I admit it… I cheated.  I like to take every shortcut I can in the […]

Halloween Spread: Zombie Frowns

This probably looks like a horrible mess and I wouldn’t be surprised if your first […]