Yoda Claus Terrarium

I had to give Yoda a forever home, complete with forestry moss, rocks and a […]


What dish set would be complete without food?  I couldn’t resist trying out this felt […]

Plants vs Zombies for the Garden (or Cupcakes)

So, if you look through my archives, you will have discovered I created Plants vs […]

Gnome Laundry

I’m a sucker for all things imaginary, from unicorns to gnomes, so I figured why […]

Garden Gnome: The Ladies Man

A garden just wouldn’t be complete without a gnome to watch over and protect it, […]

Balcony Garden

    What inspired this creation?   I never had much of a green thumb…maybe […]


  What inspired this creation?   In biology we learn that a cell is a […]

The Secret Drawer Fairy Garden

  What inspired this creation?  It’s not that I believe in or even admit or […]