Freaky Halloween Pictures 2014

I had a couple of pictures that came out pretty freaky, I assumed naturally, maybe […]

Halloween Decor 2014

    Utilize a candle holder for an eyeball.  I used old dried up mini […]

Cannibal Cupcake Zombie

Cannibal Cupcake Zombie was a copycat of an awesome You Tube tutorial I saw of […]

Domo Loves Halloween!

What monster wouldn’t love Halloween?  I mean after all, I love Domo, candy and jack […]

Pepperoni or Supreme? Pizza Loving Ghosts

Even for your typical ghost, is there a better midnight snack other than pizza after […]

Starbucks Coffee: The #1 Brand Most Selected by Ghosts

What ghost could resist, the addictive fresh roast liquid crack, aka Starbuck’s Coffee.  Of course […]

Franky Cupcakes

Franky Cupcakes charm was constructed out of polymer clay and is my rendition of Frankenstein […]

Pumpkin Poppin’ Kitties

These pumpkin poppin’ kitty charms were constructed from polymer clay, one with green eyes, the […]

Have a Heart

Constructed from polymer clay with veins and intricate details, my representation of a heart.

Ghosts with a Sweet Tooth

Ghosts with a Sweet Tooth charms are enjoyably licking luscious lollipops…  Who says ghosts don’t […]