Star Wars Christmas Stockings

What would the holidays be without Star Wars?  I couldn’t resist doing something NEW this […]

Christmas Trio: Yoda, Salacious B. Crumb & Jabba the Hutt

The finished product as promised…  Where could I buy such a collectible like this?  I […]

Yoda Claus Terrarium

I had to give Yoda a forever home, complete with forestry moss, rocks and a […]

Yoda Claus

Yoda is my mom’s favorite Star Wars character; as kids my brother and I used to get Yoda […]

Jabba’s Christmas

As part of my Star War’s Christmas ensemble, I had to have one of my […]

Star Wars Christmas – Ewoks

What Star Wars Christmas would be complete without Ewoks?  This is probably the most hobo […]

Quick Halloween Spread

We didn’t do anything fancy this year on Halloween, so I made a quick somewhat […]

What to do with your left over Grilled Chicken

With the summer coming and Memorial Day passing and July 4th on the horizon, who […]


What inspired this creation? Christmas Crafts Materials Used? Felt, Thread, Fringe, Candy Canes (Optional), glue […]

Hershey’s Kisses

What inspired this creation? Love of chocolate (with nuts), the fact that V-day is getting […]