Sock Monkey

My daughter didn’t name this one, but if I was going to pick a season, […]

Sock Monkey: Summer

And of course my daughter named this sock monkey Summer, because of her colors… What inspired this […]

Sock Monkey: Winter

  My daughter named this sock monkey Winter because of its colors…   What inspired this […]

Emma & Ethan Sock Monkeys

My daughter named them and decorated Emma… They were the first ever monkeys that I […]

Emma The Sock Monkey

My daughter pimped out this sock monkey and named her Emma…. What inspired this creation?  […]

Sock Monkeys Part II

Sock Monkeys So here is part two of the sock monkey extravaganza.  I found that […]

Sock Monkey

            I made an attempt to make a sock monkey […]

Love Monkey

Great for V-day!  I gave this to my kid as a homemade Valentine’s gift, using […]