Culturally Inspired Art

CULTURALLY INSPIRED ART features artists and crafters who create cultural as well as universal art, their stories, their history, their advice to fellow artists and crafters, where one can view and purchase their work, their inspiration and passion.  To view these culturally inspiring artists, simply click on the name of the Artist you wish to view.  If you are interested in being featured as a culturally inspiring artist, please do inquire Here . Thanks. 

Craftlantis originally started out as a personal blog site showcasing my personal crafts and art.  In noticing that there did not exist many Afrocentric craft blog sites, I wanted to create a way I could showcase other African American/black artists and craft artisans and give  them the opportunity to share their passion.

In doing so, via interview articles, I discovered a host of artists of different ethnicities and backgrounds that created Afrocentric art as well.  Art is no doubt universal.  If you are looking for art that embraces the idea of universalism and culture, then you have come to the right spot.  Some vendors here even do custom work.

If you find it difficult to find Afrocentric art, then this page will serve as a great avenue for you to find what you are looking for and to understand and truly embrace the art you purchase, in understanding the artist, -their inspiration, their process, their struggles, and the meaning behind each piece.  You’d never get the history of the artist buying from a storefront.  Craftlantis provides greater insight, which makes the art that much more appealing and valuable, as if you know the artist first hand.

I invite you to read their stories, gain insight and wisdom, and to be above all moved and inspired…



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